6 Tips on How to Create a Professional Look Book

Over the past 6 years, I have learned how to create a look book that receives much admiration from buyers based on its professionalism and its ability to tell the CoFi story. As an aside, I have to thank @megantimlin for introducing me to @canva which is a platform that I absolutely love! But if you want to create a fantastic look book, here are 6 tips. 

1. It is important to take professional photographs - both lifestyle and product images. I work with some incredible photographers (Wes Magyar and Teasley Ruback) to make sure that the product looks sharp, pops in lifestyle pictures, and reflects the confidence and independence of the CoFi woman. 

2. Keep the copy consistent. The font, the size, the placement of the wording on the page - they must all have a consistent look and feel that is threaded throughout the look book. 

3. Lifestyle Photos. Sprinkle in as many lifestyle photos as possible. The lifestyle pictures tell your story. They allow the reader to understand your target audience. 

4. Provide descriptions and features of each product. Your reader would like to understand the dimensions and features of your products (e.g., handbags, shoes) so they can make an educated decision as to whether the product is the best fit for their customer. 

5. Make sure you include your contact information and your logo. I like to have the contact information on the back of the booklet so buyers can reach out to us. 

6. Do not include pricing. I was told early on not to include pricing. You should have a separate price sheet for your buyers. That way, they can keep your Look Book laying around without worrying that one of their customers will see the wholesale prices. 

To see the CoFi Leathers Look Book, Click Here. 

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