CoFi Wins the Fashwire Pitch Competition at Project Las Vegas

As the owner of CoFi Leathers, I am constantly learning about how to increase brand awareness and share our unique printed leather handbags and sneakers with the marketplace. A little over a year ago, I learned about Fashwire. 

Fashwire is an easy-to-use app that provides a B2C shopping platform, creating an interactive experience with swipe voting on favorite looks and designs from over 300 designers worldwide. This provides instant feedback to the designers which helps us tailor designs to fit the needs of the consumers. For anyone who has yet to download the app, I highly recommend it! 

From a brand's perspective, Fashwire has been able to connect CoFi with some incredible mentors in the fashion industry. We were honored to be one of the 7 brands selected to pitch our brand story at the Fashwire Competition at Project Women's in Las Vegas. And, we are beyond thrilled to be able to say that we were the 1st place winner of the competition. 

To see the pitch, click here. (CoFi is at 10 minutes, 30 seconds in). 

As a recap, CoFi explains how our unique printed leathers differentiate our brand within the marketplace. As a brand, we celebrate all women, allowing each individual to express confidence through her bold leather accessories and footwear. During the pitch, we highlight CoFi's mission to give back to nonprofit organizations that help the greater community (most notably, the Two Ten Footwear Foundation). Finally, we field questions regarding social media marketing, how we celebrate diversity within the company, and CoFi's philanthropic efforts. 

I am grateful to Fashwire for this incredible experience. I look forward to continuing to grow and learn from other men and women who have grown brands which originated from a simple idea and started out of a garage. 


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