Leather Care

1. Prevention: All leather care starts with prevention. At CoFi, we recommend using a light leather protectant spray on your handbags, shoes, and boots. The Cadillac Shield is water and stain repellent, safe for all colors. Hold far away, spray your leather accessories, and let dry for 24 hours.

 2. Clean and Condition: Use a soft, clean cloth to blot off visible dirt and debris. You may use warm, soapy water to blot at your handbag and/or shoes to take off additional dirt. For the best care, contact your local shoe repair pro for their favorite cleaning product and follow label instructions. 

 3. Dry Wet Shoes/Bags Immediately: Boots and shoes can be worn in icy conditions and/or in the rain; however, water is not generally a friend to leather. Once product gets wet, blot moisture from handbags/shoes with a dry cloth. Stuff boots with paper and lay on their side to dry, away from a heater. Leave to dry for 24 hours.

 4. Make Friends with Your Local Cobbler: A good shoe repair professional can improve the look, feel, fit, and wear of your shoes. If you need an insole for additional comfort, a non-slip toe grip added to your cowgirl boots, or a suggestion on the best leather care for your handbag, a leather care professional will have the answers you need.