CoFi Gives Back to the Footwear Community

Two Ten Footwear Foundation Donation of Sneakers and Sandals

CoFi Donates over $33,000 in Footwear to the
Two Ten Footwear Foundation

During this uncertain time, I have been trying to figure out how I can participate in making the world a better place.

As is true of my personality, when I help others or make people happy, I generally feel a lot of personal satisfaction and gratification.

Since 'business as usual' is anything but, I have tried to give back in other ways - working virtually with a small group for my son's math class, working with stores to provide drop shipping to help alleviate the static nature of sales, reaching out to friends with a funny quote or saying in an attempt to lift people's spirits. 

Although each of these measures brings me joy, I have still been looking for ways in which I can provide greater assistance. As luck would have it, I stumbled across the Two Ten Footwear Foundation in the latest issue of Footwear News. I quickly realized a way in which CoFi could help financially support other footwear employees and families that have been affected by Covid-19 through a donation. 

CoFi is donating over $33,000 in shoes, ranging from boots to sneakers to sandals, to Two Ten Footwear Foundation. The Foundation monetizes the donation to provide support, services, and programs to footwear employees who face challenging times.

Selfishly, I feel tremendous satisfaction in being able to do something productive and supportive during this unprecedented time in history. So, thank you to Two Ten Footwear Foundation. To learn more about their organization, click here

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