3 Hot Trends for 2021. And, 3 Trends That Have Seen their Day.

Fashion is all about fun, playing with your style, and allowing your inner confidence to shine because you feel fantastic in your outfit. It is always exciting to see what is new and "fresh" for the season. Here are 3 trends that will be very "in" this spring and 3 trends that are on the decline: 

What's In: 

1. Puffed Sleeves. Whether in a dress, a short sleeve top or a long sleeve shirt, the puffed sleeves are hot, hot, hot for spring/ summer. Paired with a mini skirt, a pair of jean shorts, or your go-to white jeans, this style of top will be seen all around town.

2. Camel, Yellow Color Tones, and Cactus Green. The pastel green, yellow and beige hues partner well with denim, white pants, and Grey for a soothing relaxed style this spring and summer. If you are looking for a handbag to accentuate and compliment these color tones, consider the Mollie Crossbody Clutch in Camel Snake or the Mollie Crossbody Clutch in Rose Gold White. 

3. Straight Denim Style with a more Relaxed Fit. Although the relaxed straight denim look will be seen about town, I am a firm believer that you should embrace your figure and find what looks best on you. Some people look fabulous in a high waisted pant while others look great in a skinny jean. We all have different body types, so only jump on this trend if it works for you. 

What's Out: 

1. Biker Shorts. Since I am married to a biker, I have always had a hard time with the biker short trend for dinner dates. I am not surprised that this was a short lived novelty. 

2. Wedge Sneakers. There are so many sneaker trends on the market right now, like our CoFi Rose Gold White Holly Fashion Sneakers that pair well with any outfit from a cute denim dress to a pair of white jeans and puffed sleeve top. I am not entirely surprised that the wedge sneakers were in for a minute but have proven less popular than the fashion forward modern twist on a comfy pair of kicks. 

3. Tiny Handbags. This short lived trend was fun and flirty, but really doesn't make sense for any practical purpose. If you are looking for a more reasonable, versatile handbag that looks fab for spring/summer, but also accommodates your essentials, check out CoFi's Mollie Crossbody Clutches. Worn as a crossbody or a clutch, this handbag silhouette is a must have. My favorites for spring/summer are the peachy snake, rose gold white, platinum, white blue metallic, and the camel snake. 

So, there you have it! My advice would be to incorporate the trends that look great on you, and admire the trends that look great on others. Don't overthink it! Have Fun! And, let's look forward to some Spring Fashion!

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