Unique Printed Leather Hobo Shoulder Bag

Defined by its crescent shape and soft-shell construction, the hobo bag is, by nature, a casual bag. This makes it a great option to accentuate your casual, day-time outfits. Our wholesale leather hobo shoulder bags are designed to proudly display your confidence and style. We offer a variety of colorways and pattern options, so you can find a model that goes with your personal style. If your wardrobe consists of mostly blues, greens, browns, and other earth-tone colors, we recommend that you go with a bag with a brown hue. Some other great options include gold, camo, vintage brown, and snakeskin. If you prefer a monochrome black look, opt for one of our printed genuine leather hobo purses in a black colorway. Make a statement with one of our bold and vibrant patterned hobo bags. Shop our printed leather hobo shoulder bags today!