Live Selling - The New Way to Shop!

Livestream selling has become huge in Asia and is gaining more and more traction here in the United States. For those of you who are not as familiar, livestream selling is when the "host" demonstrates a product in a live online video. 

Why is Livestream selling so appealing? Here are 5 reasons why people are joining the livestream movement:

1. Customers learn first hand about a product and see a live demonstration of how it functions, how it looks, and how it is best used. 

2. Customers oftentimes hear the story behind the products - for example, on our livestream channel, you can hear directly from Stephanie McTigue, the owner of CoFi, to learn about how CoFi originated, where the name comes from, and why and how Stephanie designs the products. 

3. Customers interact directly with the host to ask questions in real time that will get answered. For instance, if you have a question about where a handbag would be best used, if a wallet has enough space for credit cards, or how the sneakers fit, you can ask these questions in a live chat and the host will answer in real time, which allows you to make a more informed purchase. 

4. You can speak with your favorite hosts/influencers to learn more about their personal style and how to apply it in your life. Again, at CoFi, our theme is for the busy mom-on-the-go. Each week we provide an organizational tip to help you keep your ducks in a row, while looking stylish and feeling confident. 

5. Shop from the comfort of your own home - save time by shopping directly from your phone or computer without having to carve out an hour of your day. And, of course, there are always good deals online AND free returns or exchanges!

CoFi Leathers does a livestream event every Thursday at 1pm MST/3pm EST at If you follow us on the platform, they will send you a reminder each week to join us live to spend time learning about the CoFi business, seeing how to incorporate CoFi into your everyday life, and which other incredible brands and products to wrap into your wardrobe. Our next event is this Thursday! 

Click Here to Join us on the Market Platform. 

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